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Don't Answer the Phone1980

Don't Answer the Phone! is a 1980 low-budget cult classic horror thriller film directed by Robert Hammer, written by Hammer and Michael D. Castle.

Horror Mystery Thriller

Runtime 1 hr 34 mins   Release Date Feb 29th 1980

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Top Reviews

Vincent Canby in The New York Times felt the film was “a nasty, dimly executed exploitation movie about a psychopathic fellow who roams around Los Angeles strangling women with stockings and then mutilating their bodies. The performances are terrible, as are the writing and the direction…" Paul Taylor in Time Out magazine called it “a routinely mindless sickie."

Years after its initial release, the film's mainstream critical reputation continues to be abysmal. Michael Weldon, in The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film, noted, "If you like really sick films, see this one...The ads made it look like another baby-sitter-in-distress movie, but it's in a class by itself." Phil Hardy's The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror described the film as "yet another woman-in-jeopardy movie...the covert suggestion that the female victims have 'asked for it' is particularly objectionable." However, the review further observed that Nicholas Worth's performance as the lunatic killer was "so outrageously over-the-top, and so bizarrely eccentric as to be horribly fascinating and the final line of 'Adios, creep', delivered over a shot of Worth's corpse floating in a swimming pool, is curiously resonant." Leonard Maltin gave the film the film a BOMB rating, stating that it was another psychopathic Vietnam veteran killer film, warning readers to not watch the film.

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