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Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth1976

Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth, originally released as Li Hsiao Lung chuan chi and also known as Bruce Lee - True Story, is a 1976 Bruceploitation biopic that stars Bruce Li (A/K/A Ho Chung Tao) as famed martial artist Bruce Lee. The film chronicles his life beginning with Lee leaving China to go to University in Seattle. Most of the benchmarks of Lee's later life (cast in Green Hornet television series, marriage to Linda Lee, stardom in Hong Kong, death) are covered, with a somewhat less tenuous relationship to the truth as in previous Lee biopics.



Runtime 1 hr 30 mins   Release Date Oct 28th 1976

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1970s action films, 1976 films, Bruceploitation films, Hong Kong films, Kung fu films

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